I agree, your life is fucked!

2009-03-01 | 18:37 | This is the Life

Puslapį atradau prieš gerą savaitę, bet tik šiandien prisiruošiau daugiau paskaityti. Ir negaliu atsiplėšti.

Today, my fiancee broke up with me. Via a myspace message. While we were in the same apartment. FML

Today, I went on the best date I’ve been on in years. Later on, over drinks we get talking and I explain how I came out to my friends and family. When I ask him how he came out, he replies that he isn’t gay, and oh, did I think this was a date? FML

Draugė rado apie mane:

Today, I saw my ex-girlfriend across the street. I was walking with a girl whom I’d been hooking up with and wanted to make my ex-girlfriend jealous. I kissed her and she immediately smacked me. I got a “ha-ha” text message from my ex. FML

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